AFEX (African Experience Festival) is a festival organized by community partner organizations that have far reaching goals including preserving and maintaining African arts and heritage experiences through cultural education, art and dance classes and exhibitions; encouraging community members to live a healthy lifestyle through sports, cooking classes and healthy eating habits; ensuring the safety and security of citizens through education; mentoring programs for youth and young adults; creating creative spaces for local artists/professionals to showcase their talent and works when they would otherwise not have the opportunities to do so. Showcases include art, music, spoken word, sports and others. Providing volunteering hours and helping people build skills in leadership, team management, event and project management and others. Ultimately, building stronger and healthier communities.


Our mission is  cultural education. We want people to experience Africa Рthe peoples, art, culture, way of life. Using interactive programming, we hope to create an understanding of what Africa means and what it represents. Part of our mission includes:

  • Bring Africans together to showcase our rich cultural heritage
  • Building a stronger and Healthier Community
  • Educating the world about Africa


  • Telling the African story from an African perspective
  • Coalescing efforts to create innovative and forward thinking ideas for the Pan- African continent
  • Educating the world about Africa to create a better understanding of its peoples, culture, art and history
  • Showcasing the talents, skills and vocations that exist among Africans

We Need You ! Volunteer with AFEX

AFEX depends on volunteers and donors like you to ensure we offer the quality of programming we put out during the year of the festival. AFEX is usually in June but the partner organizations of AFEX also organize community focused events throughout the year. You can support the festival by:

  • volunteering in one of the departments
  • sponsoring an event during the festival year
  • suggesting an idea
  • donating towards activities
  • acting as an ambassador to promote the mission and vision of the festival

The festival is volunteer-driven and every fund donated goes towards festival activities. As the festival is governed by non-profit bodies, accounting is provided to Boards of Directors, partner organizations, funding bodies and by request to donors.

We appreciate your support. Thank you.



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