Girls Don’t Fly

June 12, 2016 2pm to 4pm

An airstrip, a hangar and a classroom somewhere in rural Ghana: This is the place where 18-year-old Lydia and 20-year-old Esther hope to achieve their dream: learning how to fly. They have joined the first aviation school for girls in West Africa. There, an ambitious Englishman wants to train young women from rural areas to become pilots. Yet, during training and everyday life at the Aviation Academy Western ideals collide with African values, and the girls gradually realize, that their dream of flying comes at a price.

The film takes on a critical stance towards the so-called “charity-industrial complex” and, at the same time, respectfully approaches the hopes and fears of its protagonists.

A documentary film by Monika Grassl, produced by INDI FILM in co-production with mischief films.